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eWebGlobe is your window to the Globe. It provides information about different countries, continents and deserts.

Countries and Capitals

The Countries page contains the list of all the countries, their capitals, population, currency and area. You can sort the list on the basis of country names, capitals or other fields.

Countries overview

If you are traveling to Paris this weekend, and need to get basic information on France, then you have come to the right place. eWebGlobe provides you a quick overview including history, travel information and economic conditions of some of the most important countries of the World.


eWebGlobe's deserts page lists the large deserts and their comparisons.


Whether you are preparing for the up coming audition of Who wants to be the millionaire or for the Geography exam, you will find the eWebGlobe's quiz helpful.


eWebGlobe's Islands page lists large islands and related information.


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